Clarity Distribution is a family run distribution company specializing in custom panel products for facilities & structures.


LP’s & Commercial Cultivation Facilities

Clarity’s extensive panel product line and the ability to deliver customized solutions, Clarity distribution can help create controled enviroments for every phase of the cannabis production process. Clarity Distribution will work in privacy with the client to estimate exact needs based off the facility proposed floor plan to deliver a precise & competitive quotation.

Clarity Panels are exclusive and extremely well designed for strength & longevity.

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Clean Rooms

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Clarity can custom build clean rooms & equipment lockers for all industries.

Residential Customized
Grow-Pro Rooms

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Our grow-pro rooms are available as a self-build package or can be professionally installed.

Commercial &
Residential Storage

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Clarity Distribution provides custom residential storage sheds.

Commercial Coolers
& Refrigeration Units

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Clarity Distribution provides Paneling for commercial coolers.

There are numerous advantages to using pre-engineered panels when designing and building interior structures and many of these benefits are ideal for those in the cannabis industry.
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