LP’s & Commercial Cultivation Facilities

Clarity’s extensive panel product line and the ability to deliver customized solutions, Clarity distribution can help create controlled environment for every phase of the cannabis production process including:

  • Mother rooms
  • Cloning rooms
  • Vegetative growth rooms
  • Flowering rooms
  • Drying and packaging
  • Personnel change rooms & secure Storage

Clarity Distribution will work in privacy with the client to estimate exact needs based on the facility proposed floor plan to deliver a precise & competitive quotation.

Clarity Panels are exclusive and extremely well designed for strength & longevity.
These construction durability benefits include:

  • Dual 4” Steel banding that runs down the entire length of the panel for fastening to any structure.
  • Double-sided flush construction to utilize both sides of the panel when dividing rooms.
  • Smooth, flush exterior finish & tongue & groove fitting for ease of cleaning between harvests. This also provides an airtight sealing between the panels to ensure no contamination between rooms.
  • Excellent Insulation values (R16.2) for maintaining environmental control. (1.75” Model)
  • When Installed, there are zero exposed fasteners on the grow side of the wall/roof paneling.

There are numerous advantages to using pre-engineered panels when designing and building interior structures and many of these benefits are ideal for those in the cannabis industry.

Our Work

View one of our most valued client’s facilities that have incorporated our panel product for all internal grow room structures & divider walls.

Clean Installation

  • The panel components are non-shedding and Pre-fabricated.
  • The Panels ordered for a specific floor plan & roof design are custom cut at the factory and delivered labeled for ease of installation and less on-site cutting.
  • Less on-site fabrication results in less material waste and extensive labor hour savings.

Increased Speed to Market

Clarity Panel products are pre-designed and prefabricated, requiring less installation time, and very easy assembly.

Easy to modify afterwards

The walls erected with panel can be easily replaced, it is easy to integrate new windows or doors. The buildings or dividers can be expanded or reconfigured with ease.

Clarity products grow with your business

Clarity Panel products can be relocated to new facility in the future. (great for operations leasing spaces)

The ability to adapt to changing business needs provides increased ROI.

Clarity Panel Products

Durable, Cleanable, Compliant

Choosing the right wall panels for your facility is an incredibly important decision as they can play a very integral role in your ability to comply with regulatory standards.  Cannabis production facilities typically require wall surfaces and construction that are:

  • Compliant with Health Canada and USDA standards (Indirect food contact surfaces)

Panel Sizes available:

1.75” x 24” Width (R16.2) Custom cut up to 24’ in length
2” x 24” Width (R18.4) Custom cut up to 24’ in length
3” x 24” Width (R27.2) Custom cut up to 24’ in length

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